Aye matey … from the mouth of babes

Most Sundays, I sit behind this family with two funny and smart boys – one almost a teenager, the other, a precocious little one in pre-K. One of their dads sent me and my husband an email which reminds me why, aside from being the minister’s spouse, I attend my church.

John and Erwin,

I have to share with you both a little vignette from G’s bath time last night. He likes to play with little Playmobile figures in the bath-tub and we have several sets — Vikings, knights, and pirates, some of which are larger than the others. As I was sitting there watching him play, he took one of the figures, dressed mainly in black garb, and told me that this one is “Father John” … “I love Father John,” he said. He then began to fish around in the water for another figure saying to himself, “Now I have to find Erwin … I love Erwin, too, Daddy … ” He kept fishing, found one, placed him beside the Father John figurine and then said, grimacing, “It’s Erwin so he needs to be a little shorter.” Not able to find a “shorter” one, he found another very colorful, red, yellow and green pirate, put it beside Father John and announced “There, Father John and Erwin. … I love them both very much.” So, the two of you have ARRIVED … you are now official inhabitants of G’s bath-time Pantheon. Congratulations.


My heart is full knowing that I am the very colorful plastic pirate in a sweet child’s world.

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