One more for Millennials

A Millennial in Los Angeles emailed:

just had a read through and particularly agreed with your bit about millennials expecting more from their employers than any previous generation. it’s hard for me to explain without sounding completely robotic but i did start this summer internship (at a FTSE 100, globally recognised, 200+ year old asset management house) with a real drive to work hard every day and put in 110%, all that – and was sorely disappointed by the number of people who worked strictly 9 to 5 and then had lives outside of the office, whose lives weren’t their be-all and end-all. my perspective might be (let’s be real, probably is) skewed by the fact that i worked at the large american investment bank citigroup last summer, where that was a lifestyle – but i think it’s telling that the average age at citi was a good ten years younger than that of my current employer. i’ve learned to appreciate the more relaxed style, so to speak, of this firm, but i do have to say that i do wish things were more challenging, and that i did have a reason to put in “my all”…if that makes any sense whatsoever!!


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